How to make make something like "Page 1 of 2" for my items on a page.

+2 Tony Stark · August 21, 2015
I hope someone understands what I mean, I have a database with items and I want to do it like they do on shopping websites, so when the results is retrieved, I want to have different pages like page 1 page 2 etc. ANy links will be helpful. Thanks. Also Im using node.js for server side.

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+3 Donald Trump · August 21, 2015
that is called a pagination and it is something i tried to learn for months and failed at the end. it is supposed to be done in php not js.
+2 Alan Johnson · August 21, 2015
You can do pagination on the client side as well.
+2 Brotsky Tv · August 26, 2015
hey there !

Check out this link for solution :

For more Javascript tutorials :
+1 Tony Stark · August 27, 2015
Thanks for the replies! 

Website Design I will check that link out
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