Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is

+1 Joseph Mancuso · July 18, 2014
My name is Joe Mancuso, I am a paratrooper for the 82nd airborne division and my biggest hobby is Web Development. I am currently working on a social network aimed at Pokemon Fans but can be adapted to anything else. I will probably post regular updates to it when i get back to the states.

My objective of joining this website is to meet other coders who can share information, projects and just cool people to bullshit with. If your a cool person who likes to bullshit, add me lol.

I am also curious if anybody has any teams out there that could use my help. I am pretty could with front end and backend PHP and MYSQL. I am pretty good with overall database management as well. I've been scripting for a little over 5 years now and am going to college for Computer Applications

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+1 William Frost · July 18, 2014
reintroduce? so you say you spamming? :)
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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