I'm a beginner and pretty much confused. need help.

0 Ashok SS · August 21, 2015
So I decided to try developing android apps and I'm following the newboston's tutorials in youtube. that's fine.
but for some reasons, i've to download android studio manually and i'm so much confused between these files and I dont know what to download from the link here:

My OS is windows so please help what to download for complete installation including whatever the packages needed.

And also, I'd like to know if there is any way to manually download the packages that we've to download compulsorily from the SDK manager, if there is any. As my data is limited, it'll be so helpful for me to save some.


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0 Matthew W · August 23, 2015
Clark Kentanabi's advise is correct because there you can choose which operating system version you have exactly. I could just add if that is too confusing for a green newcomer, just scroll up and press the GREEN button "Download Android Studio for Windows". That is the place to start for absolute beginners.  

I know what you are saying you don't have time, a common problem for beginners frustration to "Hello world". Your first "Hello world" program won't appear on your smart phone straight away after installation, even though you don't have to write any code for that to work. It is a matter of corrrect set-up. There are a few set-up tricks to catch out beginners and it can take days of mucking about not knowing these simple things:

- First of all, if you don't have Intel but AMD it is slow, sloow, sloooow news for the phone emulators. Basically on AMD, forget emulation and connect a real phone. On Intel for emulation there is a HAXM utility to look out for. That you need to install if you want emulation.

- Some particular file locations after installation are

  C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio (even under Win7 64-bit it goes here not C:\Program Files (x86) )
  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60
  C:\Program Files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers

- Beating slow phone emulations requires getting a USB device driver from your smart phone manufacturer.
  Basically, when you plug the phone into your development computer by micro usb cable, under

  Start | Control Panel | System | Device Manager | Universal Serial Bus Controllers   [Win 7 - 64bit]

  there may be an indication that Windows does not understand the driver for the smartphone. So this driver can be tricky to install, keep trying until that works perfectly, reboot, reinstall, retry, whatever.


- The Java SE Development Kit 8u60 can be downloaded and installed first from


If you don't do that before pressing the GREEN button above then the installation program will take care of it. The advantage is just that if you do that beforehand you have more control and can see what exactly is getting installed, which version number, e.g. Version 8u60

-  An environment variable has to be set under

Start | Control Panel | Systems | Advanced System Settings | Advanced Tab | Environment variables, 

either under "System" or "User variables for PC": 

JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_51 [Win 7 64-bit]

- Install all SDK Tools from API levels 19 onwards or you might get strange error messages that make no immediate sense after installation.

  Android Studio 1.3.1 menu: Tools | Android | SDK Manager
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