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+9 nmelssx nmelssx · August 20, 2015
Try out this funny chatbot. If you're using google chrome version 33, it'll actually talk in speech version.

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0 Chetan Kaushik · September 4, 2015
You made it???
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 5, 2015
@chetan Nah. Not me. Btw, there seem to be wrong with bucky's notification thing. It notified me like 5 times just for a single post.
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 10, 2015
@steve yeah. it needs to tell some jokes sometimes.
0 Tatrasiel R · September 10, 2015
has anyone tried this one out?
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 10, 2015
@tatrasiel r 
I think with 217k facebook likes, most people has tried that one out.
0 Tatrasiel R · September 10, 2015
I thought as much. This would still fail a Turing test quickly. One of my areas of work is breaking software. Computers are still following instructions that someone has made and I don't think are ready for something like this. 
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 11, 2015
Yeah. AI still need a lot of upgrading before it can come anywhere near perfectly mimicking the human mind. I give it 20 more years or so.
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 30, 2015
It now doubles as an image search, and an dictionary. It also knows any famous person, or movies, or songs.

"what is a cat?"
"who is justin bieber"

it'll tell you what a cat is, and who justin bieber is.

"show me a cat"
"show me justin bieber"

will show you a picture of a cat and justin bieber.
0 Tatrasiel R · September 30, 2015
Man that Bot is still stupid!!!

It should only show this for justin beiber

Just kidding!
0 nmelssx nmelssx · December 31, 2015
It's been updated

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