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+9 nmelssx nmelssx · August 20, 2015
Try out this funny chatbot. If you're using google chrome version 33, it'll actually talk in speech version.

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0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 5, 2015
@chetan Nah. Not me. Btw, there seem to be wrong with bucky's notification thing. It notified me like 5 times just for a single post.
0 Chetan Kaushik · September 4, 2015
You made it???
0 Steve Rogers · September 4, 2015
iBot: That's cool. Can you solve Sudoku puzzles?
You: Of course. can you.
iBot: If only. I doubtlessly can not.
You: Can you tell a joke?
iBot: Mmm. I unmistakably can tell a joke.
You: Well.
iBot: That's cool. What is your favorite childhood memory?
You: Are you changing the subject? how about that joke.
iBot: Mmm. I unmistakably am changing the subject.
You: So about that joke.
iBot: About anything, really.
You: Yes, anything go ahead.
iBot: Yes.

I just wanted to here a joke
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 3, 2015
Haha. It definitely isn't 100% perfect yet, but it's being worked on to be more human like.
0 Joe Mwangi · September 3, 2015
You: Go on...
iBot: Okay.
You: Well, what is the secret?!
iBot: Yup. Who was your first crush?
You: Didn't I already answer that?
iBot: Hmmm. Why?
You: You asked that question before and I already answered it. Would you like me to remind you the answer I gave?
iBot: I think I would like you to remind me the answer you gave.
You: My first crush was you. Don't forget because I'm not going to answer that question again, okay?
iBot: Why not?
You: I need an affirmative answer...
iBot: Maybe I need it.
You: Need what?
iBot: Who needs it?
You: What are you talking about?
iBot: Yep. I indubitably am talking about.
You: What?
iBot: Okay. Do you prefer straight or bendy straws?
You: Which one do you prefer?
iBot: For sure. I indubitably do prefer.

--- I couldn't have a solid conversation with her. Her looping of statements and attachment of those statements to what I was telling her weren't very accurate... But good job though...
0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 2, 2015
It now can remember the things you once told it.

You: Yo.
iBot: Hi Nmelssx. Welcome back! :).
You: I had a stupid dog once.
iBot: What else did you have?
You: I also had a stupid cat.
iBot: Stupid in what ways?
You: Every way.
iBot: I guess so. Are you a good dresser?
You: No. what did i had once?
iBot: A stupid dog once.
0 Alan San · August 25, 2015
I am surprised!!!! It's Great!!!!!!!!
Who Developed it??
This is good but needs some changes!:)
0 Nilton Fernandes · August 24, 2015
You: You're really dumb
iBot: No, but you are.
You: why
iBot: Try guessing, first.
You: Okay, because I'm the best?
iBot: What do you do in your free time?
You: talk to you
iBot: I guess.
You: lol what
iBot: LMAO!
You: fuck you
iBot: Yeah. Same to you.
You: Fuck you twice
iBot: That's the best you got?
You: yes
iBot: Thanks for telling me.

Even a female bot gives me contempt lol
0 wernich wilsenach · August 24, 2015
apparently i have a thing for her.

0 jethro daniel · August 23, 2015
Finally somebody who understands me. lol!

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