cannot lunch AVD in emulator

+2 tamir ho · August 18, 2015
first of all, i followed all thenewboston tutorials and didnt find the right answer.

the lastest answer told me to turn on virtualization in my machine from the BOOT screen.

is there any other way? i didnt been able to solve it yet ;/

thank you very much !!/images/forum/upload/2015-08-18/7e0aa843eb7ff3c1d493268b473f91b8.jpg

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0 Matthew W · August 23, 2015
Yes, there is another way but not with HAXM, unfortunately.  HAXM has to do with the "x86" Intel chip. In the Virtual Device Configuration  (under the Android Virtual Device Manager) there are ABI's of "x86" or "armeabi-v7a". The "armeabi-v7a" is the clone you can set up there. Click "Show downloadable system images" Lollipop 22 "aremeabi-v7a".That that avoids the HAXM problems but is slow, slooow, slooooooow.  Another way is to "Choose a running device" and avoid emulation entirely by plugging your smart phone into the development machine with micro USB cable, for which you need to install the USB Driver from your phone manufacturer first.  



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