codeblock didnt open on my macbook pro

0 Zero . · August 18, 2015
hello mr Boston, i downloaded code blocks on my mac book pro but it didn't open because it said it wasn't downloaded from App Store, pls i need your help as soon as possible, thanks and god bless...hoping to hear from you

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0 Zero . · August 21, 2015
Thanks Guyz, I appreciate a lot, Pls i want to download all programming language for all tutorial and am using macbook pro, i wanna get myself busy so i would be glad if y'all could recommend me for the names of the software i need to download
Trojan horse, Ruby, Python, Java and so on.
thanks and God bless.
0 Dol Lod · August 23, 2015
Java: Intellij or Eclipse. Intellij is better though.
Android: Android Studio
Ruby: download ASAP. 
Python: Just get Python 2 or 3
Ocaml: use brew 
php: Use brew.

You need to get ruby for brew. Brew is a must for Mac programmers.
0 Ash Marz · August 18, 2015
i recommend you to download Xcode, its an IDE provided by Apple itself on the Mac App Store (It's FREE). You can program many languages in it
0 Dol Lod · August 19, 2015
I agree.

Codeblocks is terrible on a MAC. 

In my opinion, even writing your own makefiles is better than using CodeBlocks.

Try for either Xcode or CLion.
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