Which is the best DBMS text book?

0 Kathleen Oehler · August 18, 2015
Hi, I am doing my Bachelors in technology. I am looking for some good text books to learn SQL database. Do you have any idea? I have seen some book reviews in best dissertation writing service. But, I didn't get any information about DBMS textbooks from their reviews. Can anyone suggest me a good textbook?

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0 Ron Butcher · September 10, 2015
My advanced database class used Database Systems - Design, IMplementation, and Management by Coronel/Morris

ISBN:  978-1-285-19614-5


I really liked this book.  It has step by step examples that start off with basic database design and move all the way into advanced database design and maintenance.  It covers MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and some Access.
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