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0 aron B · August 17, 2015
What up fellas. So my grandparents have this POS laptop that they screw up all the time and call me saying help we screwed up. Well, this time they really screwed things up.  They got the Windows 10 update, so they clicked it to update.  I'm pretty sure my grandma said they decided against it in the middle of the installation, so they unplug the effing thing in the middle of installing windows 10! Needless to say, at this point I have no idea whats even on the laptop (Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 9 1/2?)  It won't boot into anything, and when it starts up I get the Acer screen (its an Acer S3 series; a Walmart cheapo laptop that doesn't even have a disc drive) and then I get a recover screen saying "Boot Configuration File' is missing required information.  Error code 0cx000000d.  I can enter UEFI Bios but thats it.  I can't get into the recovery mode or anything (if it even has one anymore?) So at this point I'm thinking this thing is just freaken screwed and I'm about to try to throw ubuntu on it and call it a day, but if anyone has any ideas of how to try to recover whatever version of Windows is on it, feel free to share. Thanks for any help

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0 Gustavo Flores · August 17, 2015
I'd say the first step in this is to try and recover any information from their HDD that they may want to keep.
I'm going to assume you know how to do this, if not then just open the laptop up, take out the harddrive and hope it's a SATA drive. If it's SATA, you just need to power it and connect it to another device for it to be read and the information transferred (Desktops are easiest for this). If it's an IDE drive, you will probably need an adapter.

As for recovering Windows... it depends a lot on where the process was interrupted when they turned it off. It may be irreversible. But either way I'd suggest not installing ubuntu on their computer lol.
0 c student · August 18, 2015
you must have corrupted the boot sector where the bios would read a section of the hard drive so that it can pass control over to the os.  you'll have to somehow reinstall an os onto your hard drive
0 aron B · August 18, 2015
Well, I tried everything to try to recover Windows but I ran into a problem when I realized the stupid thing doesn't have a product key sticker. What a rip off. Sooo either way that laptop and Windows just isn't happening anymore. It doesn't really matter anyways because they only used that as an internet machine and had no data stored on it.  I just installed Lubuntu and I'll show them how to use Firefox.  Plus side is I'm a little more tech savvy with Linux than Windows anymore (I despise Windows 8 and refuse to use it) so when they screw it up again I'll be able to fix it. Thanks for the help though guys
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