Android App connected to a online database

0 Asy Cabanting · August 17, 2015
Hi, I need help, I finished the tutorial on mySQLite, now i need to learn how to access a online mysql database.
help please. 

Thank you!! 

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+1 Rick H · August 21, 2015
HI Asy, I am afraid I can't offer you any help, but I too will be wanting to learn this process. I hope someone will pop up with some suggestions
+1 Durant ShaoQiang · August 23, 2015
 the online database is usually  deployed on a web-server and has some interfaces for the "clienst"(our apps) to use thru http connection;
  for example we send a http request to the server telling  it whether we want to read or write some datas  and then the server returns the data we want  , usually the data type is json or xml , which we need to parse them according the giving structure before  using it 
0 Asy Cabanting · August 26, 2015
Yeah, I used php scripts to handle the apps request. but i'm having trouble with handling the json reply from the web server. any tips? 
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