I want to go into Android Apps Dev.Need advice

0 Raji Rajah · August 16, 2015
Am a web developer,now aiming of going into android application development like creating android application for web that I have developed.
So what. I need is your advice as beginner. I want to know what basics is expected of me and tutorial series to follow to be creative at the ens of the tutorial. Wish to see your comment.Thanks

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0 Kyle Stankovich · August 16, 2015
There is an Android App Development for Beginners tutorial on this website. He is the link to it:
0 Dol Lod · August 17, 2015
There is a tab called Search Topics. Just search recommendations. 

1) Learn basic java for things like methods, classes, ArrayLists,...
2) Install the latest jdk if it is not already uninstalled. 
3) Get Android Studio, and install almost everything Google related.
4) Install HAXM. I know it's a pain on Windows, but it is worth it. 
5) Start watching the series mentioned above.
6) Start designing your own app after learning enough.
0 Raji Rajah · August 18, 2015
Wao.Thanks brothers
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