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+3 Batman L · August 15, 2015
So what does the ending mean?
IS Mr. Robot Elliot? Why wouldn't he remember his sister? What will happen to Tyrell?

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-1 Batman L · August 16, 2015
In Episode 4 when Elliot was hallucinating, when he went to his childhood house and met that little girl and said "Hello friend" she replied "I'm not your friend". And they were humming "Frere Jacques" which means Brother Jacques.
THAT girl is the same girl in the pictures when he checked his dvd, that girl was Darlene.
0 Sahaj _ · August 16, 2015
I think he's not. Mr. Robot is his father and I think that due to some memory loss, he was on meds initially.
+1 Rehman . · August 15, 2015
No, Mr.Robot is Elliot's father who died working in Evil Corp. 
+1 Ian Arbuckle · August 15, 2015
The show is getting really interesting with these plot twists. I still believe that Mr. Robot is Elliot. Elliot erased his memory and when he went through that secret disc it further proves the theory. 
0 Batman L · August 15, 2015
Yeah many questions, can't wait for the next episode to see what will Mr. Robot tell Elliot.
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