This may be a bug or I may not be getting something.

+1 Megos Unknown · July 17, 2014
I have made a site, the one bellow.
If you open it then you will see the ads from buckys room ads.
Some people have visited my site but I didn't get any impressions and no bitcoins.
Are the ads still in development or am I being stupid??

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-1 Steven the awesome · July 20, 2014
Well maybe it will take some,time to see it, because for me it is working fine :).
+1 Megos Unknown · July 20, 2014
This is an old post. It's fixed now. But thanks anyway! :)
0 Steven the awesome · July 20, 2014
0 Eugene Botma · July 22, 2014
I'm experiencing a similar problem at the moment. on my site, i have a Banner add and a skyscraper add, both on the same page. The banner adds sees the impressions correctly and updates immediately, but the skyscraper one does not. I've noticed that the skyscraper one always shows buckysroom adds though. Could this be the reason?
0 Megos Unknown · July 23, 2014
I asked Bucky and he told me that there aren't that many advertisers buying ads of that size. Maybe thats why.
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