what's better for a beginner C or Java?

+2 Oleksiy Kyrylenko · August 14, 2015
Hi Bucky.
Thank you for creating such a great tutorials.it so easy to learn with them. I work in Quality Assurance by doing manual testing I want to learn some automation, my pick is selenium. To do so I need to know Java,so my quotation is should I just start with Java or C? C is lower level language and should give me better understanding of general concepts of  programing  and then move to Java or skip C and just start learning Java? What do you think ?
Thank you .

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+1 Abdullah Nauman · August 14, 2015
I'd say start with C so you can get some experience and understanding of a 
low level language.
0 Sha Kal · August 19, 2015
Depends how deep do you plan to go, C is great to start with if you dont plan on staying much on C. If you go C all the way it is actually harder then Java.
0 Jon Z. · August 21, 2015
I think it's better to start with C, and then moving on to Java.
0 Sha Kal · August 21, 2015
Yeah me too, C is kinda trickier then some other programs, its gonna test you if you actually want to get into programming or not :D
0 Saket Kulkarni · August 21, 2015
Yap.... C will help u build your logic and den Java will be like child's play..!!!
0 Roman Smirnov · August 22, 2015
Definitely Java, or even better Javascript.
The reason for going top down is simple, if the first thing someone has to learn are pointers, endians, bitwise operations, etc.  It's not much fun.
On the other hand, if someone learns some higher end practical stuff first it'll be much easier to understand the low level daunting stuff.
0 Suraj Gautam · August 22, 2015
C is the base for other languages. Learn C then jump onto others :)
0 Oleksiy Kyrylenko · August 19, 2015
Thank you for an advice Abdullah. I think that's what I'll do.
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