Done with C tutorials! Help me go further :D

+1 Sha Kal · August 13, 2015
I'm done with Bucky's C tutorials and i got it all perfectly but i think there is much more to C then that. I am looking to expand my knowledge in C before i step into C++.

 I saw some lines of code on YouTube and on some forums and i saw some functions and something more i didnt see here. Ex. class, getch, getchar...lists, linked lists? and few more. I got it for getch/ar, i was searching.

 But i think there are some more i do not know and something else to be added for me to learn. If there is anyone else with far better knowledge then mine please point me to things i should learn before completing C. I do not want gaps behind me!


#C Student you could help :D

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0 c student · August 13, 2015
if you havent learned structs yet, i'd suggest you do since it might help you organise data effectively and also because if you do get into programming with the windows api, you might come across them a lot.  once you've done that, you can move onto pointers and structs which is a neat little addition onto your struct knowledge.  you'll need to learn these in order to learn about linked lists, which are sorta like arrays but can be used for things where arrays fail and you can also get into socket programming (networking).  it will also lead to more advanced data structures such as graphs and trees.

function pointers might be interesting to learn too
0 Sha Kal · August 13, 2015
0 Isaac Clarke · August 14, 2015
When i finished Bucky's tutorials, i rode "C Programming language" by Dennis Ritchie(creator of C) and Brian W. Kernighan, and it was worth the time spent.
0 Sha Kal · August 14, 2015
Thank you very much!
0 Sha Kal · August 14, 2015 

Is this the one? Because i see it is second idiotion
0 Isaac Clarke · August 16, 2015
Yea man! It is a great book! Good luck with it!
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