AVD Boot Time

0 Dovydas Busiu · August 12, 2015
Hey guys. I'm new at Android App's developing and I using Android Studio for the first time. Problem is, my Android emulator booting very very slowly. By the time i'm writing this, AVD booting about 4-5h.. What should I do? Thanks for any help!

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0 Harsh Dalwadi · August 13, 2015
Maybe you have less memory i though ..
extend RAM to 4 or 6 GB .
or use "Running Device" ,this can be enable when you connect your android phone With system with USB debugging mode .
0 Dovydas Busiu · August 16, 2015
I have 4GB RAM's. I'll try "Running Device" method. I will reply when it's done. Thanks for tip!
0 Matthew W · August 23, 2015
I got mine down to 20 seconds with 16GB on a good spec AMD, much too slow so I use a USB phone device.
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