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+1 afzal ashraf · August 12, 2015
 i am an undergraduate student from Middle East, i have completed xhtml & css, and c language. now i am watching java tutorials, and i think i am going good, the prob is i am confused b/w java and c#,  i know i have to learn both of them, but i want to set my dimension , my teacher told me that there are less than 1% jobs for java & that C# has a good market demand. i want to select one of them and than explore it in full depth. whats your opinion about this? after completing java beginners should i go to java intermediate or C#.

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+1 Alan Johnson · August 16, 2015
C# has more features, but Java runs on all platforms. Both are used in industry so there's certainly no shortage of job opportunities.
0 jethro daniel · August 16, 2015
for me, it is c#...the c# language is very powerfull with load of features u won't find in java. Secondly, c# has support from microsoft, bringing new and cool stuffs into the language which u won't just find in java. In summary, both java and c# are powerfull languages. you can develop powerfull apps with the both, remember, a language is only powerfull to a programmer who knows the language well. i'll suggest you stick to c#, master it.
0 Kyle Stankovich · August 16, 2015
Honestly, I don't think it matters. See, the two are very similar. I learned C# first for Unity3D game development. Once I started Java, I only watched about 2 tutorials, and after that, I had the syntax down. Now of course, learning to actually do things in Java will take experimenting and tutorials, but still, that is with any language. Now, if you want to make programs for Windows only, or apps for Windows Phone, C# is definitely the way to go. If you want to make applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, and maybe even Android Phones, then Java is the way to go. I hope this will help you make a choice on which language to learn first.
0 afzal ashraf · August 17, 2015
Thank you all :)
0 Donald Trump · August 12, 2015
I first began with C# and then Java, so I suggest you to do the same since C# is a bit simpler, whilst both are relatively similar.
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.