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+3 Cecil Mathew · August 12, 2015
How to create forum in a  website?

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0 Brotsky Tv · September 2, 2015
hey there !

there are many free web hosting sites they provide free forums hosting, you can start from there!

Check out this link :

For more HTML tutorials:
0 Zelna Smith · August 28, 2015
You should learn PHP or ASP.NET in order to bring Forum functionalities into your website. Check out AJAX and Javascript also which is also very useful in keeping the load to minimum and making your website load faster.
0 Essiaw Albert · August 26, 2015
Please how do i create a download link for my visitors to download files i upload unto my server remote folder (public_html) 
0 Cecil Mathew · August 14, 2015
Bt i was  asking the same thing,i wanted to know in php.
0 Sjoerd van den Belt · August 13, 2015
You can't create dynamic content on a website with just HTML and CSS.
If you wish to create any dynamic content on a website you first need to learn a back-end language like PHP. I suggest you could check out bucky's tutorials on PHP.
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