How can I creat a website just like?

+3 Joanna Lin · August 12, 2015
How can I create a website just like  using php?
I want to create a website can search something from other  website then print in my website,
but I have no idea about that.
who can help me,please!

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0 Ryan Rogan · August 17, 2015
You'll need to learn HTML,CSS,MySQL and PHP.

Use HTML for making the site. Use CSS for styling it and you'll need to know MySQL for the database. You can use any database such as SQLite, MySQL, etc but you'll definitely need to know the basic SQL queries such as SELECT, DELETE, Insert and UPDATE. Once you know them then you can get into the PHP stuff.

You'll need to use php so that the website can interact with the database. For example, adding new users.
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