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+3 Arira joseph · August 11, 2015
I created a script to search for particular input the user enters in the input field. This script gives out the number result and the name gotten using the mysql_num_rows( ); and the mysql_fetch_asscoc( );
How do I send a friend request to this particular result or name display to the user using a form.

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0 Franz Schmidt · August 12, 2015
Basically it's like a new account which you put in a temp table for email validation...

You need a table vor friendrequests and a table for friends. When you send the request you put yours and the requested friends id in the friendrequest table and if the other one accepts your request you push it into the friend table.

Here is the link where i got that infos from:
0 Arira joseph · August 12, 2015
Franz thanks a lot for that exposure, it got exposed to new stuff's.
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