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0 Eric Persson · August 10, 2015
I couldn't find a forum dedicated to LUA so I try here in general. 

There is an addon called Questie for world of warcraft 1.12.1 written in lua. It can track quest up to 6 levels lower than the current level of my character, and show them on the map. The creator of this addon stated in a forum that we can change this to show all quests that are lower than the current character level by just changing the code in the files. I have tried and tried with different numbers and operators, but I am not a programmer, I have not gotten it to work as I want to, so I ask on different forums.

This is the code sample: 

function Questie:addAvailableQuests()
local mapid = getCurrentMapID();
local level = UnitLevel("Player");
for l=level-6,level do

A guy on Stack Overflow gave me this solution for tracking all quests lower than my in game character: 

for l=0,level do

However, it didn't work. 
I can still not see all quests

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0 Eric Persson · August 28, 2015
The files were in the addons folder the whole time. 

It doesn't matter for the moment though, I'm not plying right now since I started school again. 
Im going to learn a little Java instead.

Thx for all the help though! :)
0 Eric Persson · August 10, 2015
Actually, nothing I do in the code seem to work at all, I even commented out that whole line, but even though I saved and restarted the game, nothing happens. 

I can't get the addon to show the quests in the starting zones, and my character is lvl 17 and has not been there or done any of the quests, so they should show up, but like I said, the code don't seem to change anything.
0 Eric Persson · August 10, 2015
The version of the game is the latest patch of the original game realeased back in 2006 or 07 before the first expansion, the addon is brand new and made specificly for that version of the game. 

The addon works as intended, even if I adit or comment out the function, nothing changes in the game. 

I make the changes in the code by opening the file in Notepad++, I save the file changes and then restart the game. 
Still shows exactly what it was supposed to show from the start. No changes at all. And the maker of the addon stated himself that it could be changed directly in the code. 

I got an answer from the forum on Stack Overflow too, and they said that my issue seemed to be how to save my changes. 
I don't really get what they mean. The changes was saved, When I reopen the file my changes are there, they just don't show up in game. :/
0 Eric Persson · August 10, 2015
It didn't work :ermm:

But thank you anyway! I think I'm gonna give up now, I've been spending the whole evening trying to find a solution, I'm exhausted :P
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