How to integrate Google Play Services (leaderboards)?

0 Donald Trump · August 10, 2015
Their documentation is so freaking confusing. There are 0 videos that explain how to do this on youtube. What is my only chance to achieve this?

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0 Donald Trump · August 11, 2015
0 Donald Trump · August 11, 2015
+1 Ian Arbuckle · August 12, 2015
Hey Milan,

I've implemented a leaderboard in one of my college projects and I found this tutorial guide which is 100 times better than the documentation. 

Integrating google play services

Google Play Game Services Leaderboards

Google Play Game Services Achievements

I hope this helps get you started!
0 Donald Trump · August 12, 2015
@Ian wow dude that article might be the most helpful one out there. I'm giving it a shot now, will reply the result later. Thanks man!
0 Ian Arbuckle · August 12, 2015
No worries!
0 Harsh Dalwadi · August 13, 2015
you have intsall first Google play service in SDK manager and than you have to enable that thing in Android studio via 
file > project structure > app > dependencies > click on "+" than find "" and add this > click ok .
0 Donald Trump · August 13, 2015
I can't do it... it can't find the class "BaseGameActivity"...
+1 Donald Trump · August 13, 2015
Finally made it through. Damn this was exhausting  as hell! All the credits goes to Ian Arbuckle, without him, I would never achieve this. Thanks so much man! :)
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