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+1 umer nishat · August 10, 2015

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0 Siddharth Venu · March 10, 2016
It means that your computer does not support Virtualization Technology which is needed for Intel HAXM. I used Android Studio a few years ago (when I had no idea about Java, just to see what it is like :P). You still may be able to write code to your app, just not be able to run properly (I think this is correct. Please correct me if i am wrong). Just use your android device instead of computer/laptop for testing it.
0 Gary Whitney · March 11, 2016
Normally the installation check to see if you have and Intel CPU and then installs HAXM if you do.
However if your CPU is old  if may not support VT
you might have to turn it on in the BIOS.

Here is the Intel link that explains this
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