"IntelliJ IDEA" or "Eclipse" ???

0 Rohit Gupta · August 9, 2015
Hello guys,

I'm starting started with learning Java and I found that there is a so famous IDE i.e eclipse indeed and I cool one (seems to be) i.e IntelliJ IDEA.

My question is that,  with which one I should get started IntelliJ IDEA or eclipse?

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+1 Alan Johnson · August 9, 2015
I started with eclipse but migrated to Intellij after awhile. Intelli  has more features, it provides better code completion and code analysis just to name a few things. Overall I am more productive using it.

Also, if you're ever going to start with Android programming, you should get familiar with Intellij because Android Studio is based on it.
+1 M Uxi · August 9, 2015
Well Eclipse Is Now Old I Also Started With eclipse but soon i realise that Intellij is much much alot better than Eclipse.
And Android Studio also made by IntelliJ and netbeans too. so it doesnt matter which one you pick for begining matter is which one you choose after learning.
0 Jon Z. · August 9, 2015
In my opinion, intellij.
0 Ian Arbuckle · August 9, 2015
I used my fair share of IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans and found Intellij to be the best IDE. It has all the tools you need pre-installed and nice some useful plugins you can install yourself. 

I prefer Intellji for its interface environment and the tools.
0 Jeffrey Hong · August 10, 2015
doesnt matter, just code
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