Laravel or Codeigniter???

+1 ABHISHEK SINHA · August 9, 2015
Which framework is better of 'em all Laravel or Codeigniter  or any other (with respect to features) ???

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0 0x13a _ · October 3, 2015
0 Aphidelsi Orono · September 22, 2015
I would say it depends on the project you wish to accomplish, for example if you want to create an eCommerce website using Magento then the Zend framework will work for you, that is because magento was developed with elements of the Zend framework.  Laravel as far as i know is good for large or complex projects. It has the latest PHP technology at hand. I do not know much about codeignighter. 
+1 irakli gabisonia · September 21, 2015
of cource laravel
+1 leena joseph · September 21, 2015
I think Laravel is the best Php framework.Any way i will research and write content about this for laravel vs codeigniter. Just wait for some days.
0 ABHISHEK SINHA · August 11, 2015
@Alan Johnson What are the best resources to learn Wordpress? If there's video tutorials you recommend, please provide the link to it.

@Rozaldo Martinez  YES;

Thanks frnds
0 Rozaldo Martinez · August 10, 2015
pros and cons of laravel? :)
0 Alan Johnson · August 9, 2015
Learn Laravel.
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