clay rendering.

0 parkash maheshwary · August 8, 2015
what is clay rendering in 3ds max and why is this very use full? please answer me sir,,,

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0 Aju Antony · August 10, 2015
well when you work with any 3d modeling software (not just 3ds max), you can notice that its faster to create the basic design model of the 3d object but rather hard and time consuming to texture, shade, apply material, rig, and animate that model. So you clay render your model so that you can show the client or yourself a prototype of the model (like carving out the your model on a clay).

now, clay rendering means to render the 3d model without high texture and shading information but just the lighting. the entire scene is given the material option to represent that of a clay (typically a matte white texture with minimal reflection). by doing this you'll get an overall feel for the environment and predict how its going to look after all the decorations. you can google "clay rendering" in google images to see exactly what i mean..

or even better just click the link below..
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