Visual Basic, doing an obvious mistake anyone can correct me?

+1 Richie Butterton · August 8, 2015
Hello I'm new to this forum and into the software and programming itself. I was looking at Buckys video below and I am obviously doing something wrong and usually I get these things wrong and notice them but it's been a while now and I'm trying to find out what i'm doing wrong. The picture below is the error I get and I am trying to basically just have the code to work but I seem to of keep making a mistake somewhere.

As I try to debug test it, it just comes up with that error putting "Richard" in the text field as I click the button afterwards

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0 Glenn Walker · August 26, 2015
Looks like C++ to me and not VB.
0 Alan . · November 28, 2015
Not VB
0 Fernando Portilla · November 28, 2015
Hey, Richie

Have a look at the title bar of the tutorial video you sent as reference with your post.
It says:

C# Beginners Tutorial - 8 - If Statements part 3

C# is not Visual Basic, it is another computer programming language. You might be following the wrong series of tutorials.

How about trying this link:

All the best
0 Steve Rogers · September 4, 2015
try asking this question under the C# tab, since although this is a question inside of Visual Studio IDE it is not in fact about Visual Basic.
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