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+2 victor osunkwo · August 7, 2015
Please anyone out there who can help me with how to use php/mysql to create an admin that can update user information without updating manually from the database. I also neet to creat a login/register/profile/admin sessions. I want to be able to retrieve every user information from the database for the user but i want the admin to have the privilege of updating the users information. Thank you so much for your assistance. email me with any hint @

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0 Tunde ola · September 14, 2016
Hi victor, 
Hope you doing great today , Really having problem problem to connect to server with SQL and PHP , i will be grateful if i can get help , Going crazy or anybody that can help will be happy. 
0 Jay Deshaun · September 16, 2016
Both of you guys please refer to this tutorial/page:
0 pwntastic _ · September 17, 2016
Tunde ola... why not create a new topic instead of just bumping this old thread?
0 Jay Deshaun · September 17, 2016
Didn't realize that until now...
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