tell me about it thank you

+2 Chiv Mengsong · August 7, 2015
I learn HTML and CSS already and I want to know what should I learn next???

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0 Sheldon Juncker · August 8, 2015
Since you're posting this question in a PHP forum, I'll suggest that you learn C. 

Just kidding, now that you've learned HTML and CSS, you could start with PHP. It's a pretty easy language and a logical continuation based on what you've learned already. If not PHP, maybe JavaScript would be a good next step.

Hope that helps.
0 Michael Rosetti · August 8, 2015
Well, you probably know XHTML and CSS, because you followed Bucky's tutorials. That's a good start, however you should go and learn JavaScript, then HTML5 incase you haven't done that already.

Once you're done with all these, you can move on and learn PHP, along with MySQL.
0 nmelssx nmelssx · August 11, 2015
I would suggest that you learn PHP next. Then JavaScript to spark up/liven up your website. 
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