C Program with a Simple Database

0 Gab Deane Serrano · August 7, 2015
Hello guys.

I'm a freshman of an IT course.
And totally new to C Programming.
I watched all of your C Programming tuts in your YT Channel,
very helpful/informative tuts you made.

Can i get a little help with my project?
Just a starting point or what should i do.
I'm  totally new to C Programming.
I was tasked to do a simple C Program with a database.
The Program should saved  when the user inputted the student's id no., student's first name, last name & course in a database.
And can search the recorded data of all student in the database by typing the id numbers inputted,
We use Turbo c++.

All reply is very much appreciated.

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0 c student · August 8, 2015
write the information out to a text file to save information
read from the text file for searching
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