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+1 Gagan Deep Singh · August 6, 2015
Hi guys, m worked on video player apps as per buckys tutorials , in bucky tutorial he imports a video file from his own website with the help of internet link but here I m accessing through my system HDD. So I want to know about the java manifesta codes for linked up a media clip from my computer system. Pls Let me know your ideas !!

also do look into screenshots of my work


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0 Gagan Deep Singh · August 7, 2015
Thanks asfand naveed.. will try ur advice !!
0 asfand naveed · August 6, 2015
your emulator dose not know the video path from your computer .You have to give him a path on internet in   setVideoPath()
then it will gonna run the video but you will only able to listen the sound on your emulator because it don't play the video .
For that purpose you have to use a real device to run it 
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