0 H. P. Lovecraft · August 6, 2015
So what did you guys think of the latest episode? I thought it was interesting, but there was too little focus on Elliot in my opinion.

Also isn't this the first time we've seen Mr. Robot talking to someone other than Elliot alone?

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0 Colonel Panic · August 6, 2015
I still think this ends like Fight Club.  Mr. Robot, is Elliot.
0 H. P. Lovecraft · August 6, 2015
Yeah, I have my suspicions. After the death of Shayla, Elliot might be so traumatised that the Mr. Robot personality is taking over. I was like wtf when Mr. Robot pulled the gun on Romero. 
-2 Bucky Roberts · August 6, 2015
Also, damn Tyrell. I don't know how killing that guys wife is going to earn him a promotion. We will see though. :blink:
0 Colonel Panic · August 6, 2015
He will probably frame the husband. 
0 H. P. Lovecraft · August 7, 2015
I think Tyrell killing that guy's wife was not a part of the plan. We have seen earlier that he has SERIOUS aggression issues (when he beat up that homeless guy). I thought he was only supposed to have sex with her.
0 Colonel Panic · August 7, 2015
Tyrell Could also be another split personality.  
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