Challenge #1 problem

+1 Ahmed Samir · August 6, 2015
Hey guys i tried to solve challange no.1 today and that's the code i made 


int main(){

char a = 'a';
char password[10]  ;
int lower, upper, sympol, num ,i;
lower = upper = sympol = num = 0;

scanf_s("%s", password);

for (i = 0; i = 1 && lower >= 1 && sympol >= 1 && num >= 1){
printf("well done");
printf("you suck");


scanf_s("%c", &a);

return 0;

but then everytime i try to to run the code and enter any value i get this 


i checked the code many times ... but i can't even understand what is the error about

Thanks in advance 

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0 Toyen . · August 12, 2015
Hey there Jap!

Congrats on completing the challenge, but I dont get the "i flag" thing you have there, what exactly is the intention?
0 Tracia william · August 14, 2015
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