Website making tutorials!!

+1 Megos Unknown · July 16, 2014
Hello guys! 
This is a suggestion to Bucky.I have noticed there aren't any tutorials on how to make websites except the dreamweaver ones. So can you please make some tutorials on website making, getting a domain etc.
All those who believe that he should make some say yes!!

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+1 Steven the awesome · July 17, 2014
Well here is a link from a youtube channel.
This guy made a social network video's.
0 Megos Unknown · July 17, 2014
0 Megos Unknown · July 17, 2014
Unfortunately youtube is banned in my country so I have to use proxy's which are slow :angry:
0 Steven the awesome · July 17, 2014
Who I did not know it was blocked in your country! that's pretty sad :'(.  So do you use this list for your proxy.
0 Megos Unknown · July 28, 2014
Thanks!! :):D
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