Installing in Android SDK Manager

0 Rafat Shakil · August 5, 2015
I was following Bucky's android tutorial and as I was installing the updates in the SDK Manager I noticed something in the download log...


The Unzip failed:archive thingy is really bugging me.. Will this be a problem or can I just keep on moving on?
Thanks for any help!

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0 M Uxi · August 5, 2015
There Is No Problem. Error in Only Intel x86 Atom System, Android API 22 revision 1.
You Have Others API too You can Use that .
And Your System is 32 bit or 64 bit?
0 Rafat Shakil · August 6, 2015
My system is 64 bit. So no problems, I can move ahead with the tutorials correct?
0 Rafat Shakil · August 6, 2015
So there is no problems right? I can move on with the tutorial correct? My computer is 64 bit by the way.
+1 M Uxi · August 6, 2015
Yes Definitely there is no problem. Keep Moving Keep Coding :)
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