Kali Linux Installation step failed

0 Steven the awesome · August 5, 2015
Anyone know what to do, tried everything?


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0 Colonel Panic · August 6, 2015
Sorry, but this is very little to go on.  If you can show screenshots/video of each step you are taking, maybe I can see what is going wrong.   What link are you downloading the ISO from?
0 Gustavo Silva · August 6, 2015
Are u partitioning the disk in the instalation? I suggest you to choose the option "Guided - use the largest continuous free space" in the "Partition Disks" step. It has worked for me. 
0 Steven the awesome · August 5, 2015
That doesn't work either I literally gave it 60 GB of space and 4 GB memory.
0 Colonel Panic · August 5, 2015
Try giving the VM more memory.  
0 Steven the awesome · August 5, 2015
Nope it still doesn't work
0 Steven the awesome · August 5, 2015
Yes I have downloaded it from the official website I downloaded the 64 bit version twice and then the 32 bit version which is giving me the same error. But I will try to increase the hard drive space.
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