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0 Franz Schmidt · August 4, 2015
I recently heard about the raspberry pi and was really amazed of it and no i want to buy such a beautiful device.
What can you guys suggest to buy, are there some starter kits or extenstions which are a must have?

And I heard there is something like a raspberry pi 2 but what is it able to do more or which features does it have which the first gen doesn't?

The reason why i want to buy it is i want to make a sound and light show and i want to controll it with the raspberry is this even possible? I heard there are some sound modules and stuff like that to do this is this right?

Greetings Franz

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0 Franz Schmidt · August 4, 2015
Ok thanks and can you reccomand a special package or starter kit to buy?
0 Franz Schmidt · August 5, 2015
ok thanks anyway
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