"C:\Users\VIVEK SINGH\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\emulator.exe" -avd Nexus_5_API_22 -netspeed full -netdelay none
emulator: WARNING: Requested RAM size of 1536MB is too large for your environment, and is reduced to 1152MB.
emulator: device fd:732
HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode
emulator: The memory needed by this AVD exceeds the max specified in your HAXM configuration.
emulator: AVD      RAM size = 1152 MB
emulator: HAXM max RAM size = 1024 MB
emulator: You might want to adjust your AVD RAM size and/or HAXM configuration to run in fast virt mode.
Cannot set up guest memory 'pc.ram': Invalid argument
Error accepting connection, aborting

iam having this problem what to do