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+1 Vikram Jayanthi · July 16, 2014
Which programming language is best to create a game? And what software do you use for graphics?

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0 Arend Peter Castelein · July 21, 2014
In my opinion it's best to make games in programs design for making games. As for which program it depends on what type of game you're making. I like Game Maker a lot but Unity is probably one of the best free options out there for 3d Games. If you want to make games in a language you could use library to make your life easier. Minecraft was made in Java using the lwjgl library.
0 Felix Moog · December 23, 2014
Ive never personally made a game but as Arend Peter Castelein says, if you don't want to go down the hardcore coding route and want to make life a lot easier for yourself. Use a 3d Game Engine such as unity, UDK (unreal development kit), or Game Maker for 2D games. All of the engines are free to use, some have subscriptions for more advanced versions and If you want to use them commerically you usually have to buy a licence before you start selling a game made with their engine. (I know this to be true with UDK).

However, If you do want to go down the hardcore coding route, you will defiantly need a library such as lwjgl to go 3D. You would also need a library if you wanted to do 2D stuff. You can do 2D stuff with just bare java but it would be pretty slow and painful.

A good language for 2D is python with the use of the pygame library so you can look into that.

I know minecraft pocket edition was coded in C++ so you could hedge your bets there, generally any well known language will probably do the job.
0 prodan alexandru · March 29, 2015
Try udk is one of the best game engine for graphics.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 13, 2015
No, don't try UDK.


UDK is outdated and old. Use UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) instead.
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