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+1 Hebba Elanny · July 16, 2014
Hello forum 
i was watching the tutorial and there is something that i didn't understand  ,  ( Enemy *enemy1 = &n) is enemy1 a pointer of the data type Enemy or it is an object of the class Enemy , is it a pointer or an object ?
the reason i am asking because in tutorial 42 Arrow Member Selection Operator in 5:34 bucky was talking about this way( Enemy *enemy1 = &n)  to make a pointer 
but in tutorial 56 Virtual Functions  in 1:43 he said it is Enemy object .
i am confused and i don't know if its a pointer that points to an object or it is  an object ?
Many Thanks  

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0 Hebba Elanny · July 17, 2014
Thank you thats what i thought , still why bucky said it is an object it tutorial 56?
0 Hebba Elanny · July 22, 2014
Many Thanks , that make it a lot more easer to understand . 
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