I'm confused actually. Just searching a lot about apps for mobile phones and i want to make one too. Accorting to the sites that i've been looking, i must learn java which i have no problem about it. I've been learning java for almost a month and i keep going. After i feel myself good enough at Java, i will start to learn Android because accorting to the forums if i want to create an app, i must learn android too.

But i want to see the full map. I've already have a book about java and after i finish it, would it be enough for starting android? And how long do i need to study "circa" for to learn creating an app. How will i desing an app? I just want to make a plan to tell my self "when i learn java, ok, now i can make this, this, this and when i learn android i can now do this, this, this."

P.S. : As you can understand from my writing skills, english is not my mother language. I'm sorry about the mistakes :/

Any help and answer would be really great!

Thanks so much for reading.