help in source code finding

0 Satpal Singh · August 1, 2015
where are the source code of java/android development.

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0 Ian Arbuckle · August 1, 2015
In the future check out Bucky's github for all tutorial source code.
0 Satpal Singh · August 2, 2015
thanks a ton @Ian Arbuckle
0 Satpal Singh · August 3, 2015
hii Ian need help..

in overflowmenu tutorial-33 ,after starting project first time i am not getting 3 dots in top right corner.
0 Ian Arbuckle · August 3, 2015
What does the error say?
0 Satpal Singh · August 4, 2015
error saying nothing ,means when i start project with blank activity to create overflow menu,it is not showing those three dots in top right corner.
0 Satpal Singh · August 4, 2015
0 Satpal Singh · August 4, 2015
after doing all the stuff according to buckey in tutorial 33 i am getting this error.
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