Should I Learn HTML Before PHP?

0 MUNIR SHAHID · July 31, 2015
Should I Learn HTML Before PHP?

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0 George Nsima · August 1, 2015
If you want to go from easy to hard; then HTML before PHP... But whichever you choose first, I think it doesn't matter because at the end of the day you would eventually learn both...
0 Daggerzidane (PowerPuffGirl) · August 1, 2015
Yes, HTML will give you a basic understanding and idea on how PHP works as you will encounter many different tags such as <html>, <head>, <body>, div tags and etc. If PHP is the Server-side pogramming language then HTML is the client side language which means the UI part needs HTML to display your contents. ( :
0 Christopher Downie · August 5, 2015
0 leena joseph · September 21, 2015
First you should learn about html. It is the basic web design language. After that you will go with css , jquery and javascript then finally enter in to Php.
0 Tran Tuan Phuong · September 21, 2015
@leena yes i agree with you that we need go with html, css. At this point, we'll have 2 options: jquery,javascript to php as reccommended or php to javascript to jquery.
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Server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.