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+1 Batman L · July 30, 2015
Why was Shayla killed? And how much her death will have effect on Elliot?

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0 Rehman . · July 31, 2015
Vera surely gonna pay for this :p 
And its sad that Elliot losses her gf :( Now angella will be his next one i guess :p Or maybe Darlin because angella is dumb techi
0 Bucky Roberts · August 2, 2015
I don't know what Elliot could have done differently looking back on things though. If he didn't help Vera escape, then they would have killed both him and Shayla anyway. And if Elliot didn't turn Vera into the police in the first place then Shayla would be F'd still. Interested to see what's going to happen next. 
0 Matan Alfasi · August 4, 2015
@Bucky Roberts - I think he should've stayed out of the illegal drugs zone in the first place, I know there's no way he could know things could go the way they went, but mr. robot was right when he told Elliot thta Shayla was dead the minute she entered this area...

The whole chess auto-play of "best move" was incredible, shows how nothing in our lives is in our control, we're just making our best moves and waiting for life's reaction, brilliant.

OP's questions -
q "why was Shaylla killed ?"
a I think it was some kind of a message to Elliot, making him pay for what he has done for Vera, and watch out from him

q "effect on elliot ?"
a well.. i saw the preview and *spoiler* Elliot is back on drugs again *spoiler* so his situation will probably get worse, mr.robot is going to help him, etc
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