Programming Advices Please , How should I start :D

+1 Yara - · July 30, 2015
I am an Electrical-communication Engineering student ( I didn't start yet at the university :angel:) and I've decided to learn Programming , I wish I could learn it from A to Z but I really don't know how should I start , at school we've learnt visual basic and python programming but I didn't practice and I don't really remember anything but I know I liked them ,, lol , lately I started a C++ course and I am really enjoying it and Bucky's videos are my lifesavers thanks God !!
I just want to know if it was a good start and what to learn then and if I have to start with things that can help me with my studies and what are the languages that link with the communication and networking field ..

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+1 Jack Mead · August 14, 2015
Hi Yara, I'm also an electrical engineering student (not yet at a university) and I really like to code as well! Since we are in the same boat, I'll tell you what I do to start learning a little.

I've watched all of Bucky's videos on C++ (and am going to watch them again). I also try a come up with simple little programs like "". 

I have sites bookmarked like and and routinely watch videos.

"Programming Knowledge", the channel on youtube, is a great channel with two really great video tutorials in C++ and QT Creator (A C++ GUI maker).

Since you're an electrical engineer like me, and if you're really passionate about it, I'd suggest getting an Arduino. They are fairly cheap and fun to play around with. The syntax is C/C++ (I believe). I bought a whole kit for $50.

Other than that advice, I'm in the same situation as you are, wanting to learn code extensively, but not having a structure from which to learn from.

Also, if you are even remotely interested in game making, download a free C++ game making program, and find a free pdf/book of the program that walks you through step by step instructions on how to work with the program. I have heard this will help you to get actual knowledge and experience working with the code in a real setting while also improving your knowledge in C++.

If anyone else has more suggestions, I'm sure Yara and I would love to hear them.
0 c student · August 14, 2015
if you want to go down lower into microprocessors/controllers, assembly should point you in the direction (after you've done some c/c++).
0 Alf Nohr · August 17, 2015
@Nicholas Alesse
HTML is not even a programming language, and the things you get from learning HTML has nothing in common with stuff you'll get into when learning a programming language. So learning HTML before any programming language is totally a waste of time(not that it takes long time to learn html) except if you're going to get into web development.
+1 aron B · August 17, 2015
Yara, if you're going into a networking related field, you will want to stick more with scripting languages.  Python is one of the most popular languages currently for networking along side of Perl, so you should definitely refresh on some Python. A high level language might also be good to be comfortable with, such as Java (C++ is good as well).  As Alf said, HTML is a 'Markup language', (Hyper-Text Markup Language) so that would not really be worth your time, although HTML is super easy to learn if you ever got interested in creating Web pages.  If you are wanting to get into more low-level languages for working more directly with hardware, Assembly is where its at, but Assembly is very difficult to learn for some people. A more easier low-level language would be C. My advice would be to choose one language at a time and stick with that.  Trying to learn too much at one time can cause some problems...I remember reading an article on a guy who practically went insane trying to learn 25 languages at one time.
0 Yara - · August 18, 2015
Thank you guys I appreciate your attention :D
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