I'm trying to make a JavaScript app that finds common interests(user_likes as Facebook's API calls them) among users...

So far I've managed to get the interests of the user signed into my app. This part was fairly simple.

I used this code...

function getLikes() {
  FB.api('/me/likes', function(response) {

Now I want to get the likes of another user who is a friend of the user who has signed in to my app. Basically what i'm trying to do is put a user_id in place of 'me' like this

FB.api('/{USER_ID}/likes', function(response) {}

The problem here is that i do not have the permission to get the likes of the person of whose ID I am using...

So, is there a way around this? Or is there another approach to getting common interest between two (or more) people using the Facebook API?