C with Sublime text editor 3

+1 Steven the awesome · July 29, 2015
Anyone know what I have to do when I want to use sublime text editor 3 for C?

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+2 Batman L · July 29, 2015
Go to View> Syntax> then check C
0 Steven the awesome · July 29, 2015
So but you need to install compiler right. So which one do you recommend?
0 Batman L · July 29, 2015
I actually don't have experience with it in C, I just use it for HTML Javascript and php.
I hope someone else with more experience could recommend you one.
0 Steven the awesome · July 29, 2015
Me too, that's why I was wondering.
0 c student · July 30, 2015
i use sublime text as an editor only.  for compiling, i use mingw.
0 Ahmed Raza · August 6, 2015
If you have a Linux/Mac machine, you can use Sublime as your text editor and Terminal (Command Line) as your compiler. That's what I do.

First, save your C program somewhere, let's say to your Desktop, and name it. We'll call it program.c

Then, go to Terminal and locate your Desktop. Then, type gcc program.c -o program.out to compile your program. After that, type ./program.out to run your program.

I recommend getting familiar with the command line first. I personally prefer this over a compiler because I'm only learning C. When I start working extensively with it, I will probably download a compiler (though Terminal works just as fine, just takes time getting used to).
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