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+1 stephany sterlin · July 29, 2015
I really need help, how am I supposed to do the register page I need to know step by step please help me. I already have the login down pack.

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0 Jonas Meise · July 30, 2015
search on youtube for login systems with php there are some great vids about more or less secure login systems :P
+2 Steven the awesome · July 30, 2015
The same as the login but instead of using SELECT you use INSERT. 
+1 Steven the awesome · July 30, 2015 A playlist on how to make a login and register page
0 stephany sterlin · July 30, 2015
Thank you Steven and Jonas, Also thank you Clark I believe you are right and I will try reading more cause step by step procedures do vary thank you.
0 arif hossain · August 5, 2015
i have a problem to php and mysql,not query connected.what should do.
my code:=
<head><title>this is form</title></head>

<form id ="myform" action="table.php" method="post">
Faristname:<input type ="text" name ="name"><br />
<br >
Lastname:<input type ="text" name="lname"><br />
Password:<input type ="password" name="password"><br />
<input type ="submit" value ="submit"><br />
connection code is =

 $firstname = $_POST['name'];
 $lastname  =$_POST['lname'];
 $password =$_POST['password'];
 if(mysql_query("INSERT INTO users VALUES(' $firstname','$lastname','$password')"))
echo "successfull.";
echo "failed.";

i don't find the answer .please help me> 
0 Siamon Hasan · August 6, 2015
  Your query statement is wrong. it should something like that.

        $query = "INSERT INTO users (";
        $query .="  firstname,lastname,password";
        $query .=") VALUES (";
        $query .=" '{$firstname}', '{$lastname}', '{$password}'";
        $query .=")";
        $result = mysqli_query($query);

        } else {


0 pwntastic _ · August 10, 2015

Your query can be written in this way but only if values for all fields in your table are present.  If not, you have to specify the fields as mentioned above.
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