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0 Simon Kl├╝ttermann · July 29, 2015  Virtual Phone starts, i can use it properly, but when i hit "run" nothing happens, and with nothing I mean nothing: no Console chanches an no Window opens where I can select my(running) device....any Idea why?

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0 Milton Arnold · July 30, 2015
I've had the same problem, there are multiple videos on how to fix it,, but for every fix a new problem.. Like if I do finally load it with the accelerator; it still wouldn't load the app, or if I did figure a way to load the app I couldn't exit, not to mention the time it takes to load. I finally came to the conclusion my computer was out to get me :o so I said f it and grabbed an old android phone I had laying around. I installed the driver to my computer after plugin, then I switched the emulator for the USB and then presto.. Saved me a lot of time and head aches on loading..
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