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+1 elichai borenstein · July 29, 2015
Hey, at your tutorial about fargment we crate a meme app(tutorial 30)-is it possible to add save iamge button?

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0 elichai borenstein · July 31, 2015
Thanks for answer, can you post here a link that tallks about it?
0 elichai borenstein · August 2, 2015
Soory, but I didnt understood at all-I didnt understand what all that expressions means and how should I use them, I think I understood basiclly how to use FIleOutputStream with strig, but I have no idea how shuld I use it with the whole fragment , I at tutorial 34 of bucky if it matters.
0 elichai borenstein · August 3, 2015
OK,  so to be clear - I didn't understood what did you mean in path. And secondary -I saw that one,  is it relevant?
0 elichai borenstein · August 3, 2015
OK, I knew what's path but I didn't understood what did you meant... Now I understand - but how I save it as image ?  What I need to write to get the layout as image? 
Is that link tells about what you meant?
0 elichai borenstein · August 3, 2015
Ok, so you gave me very important piece of infromation, I will try to find the final info.
Thanks a lot!
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